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Bio-Bean Coffee Logs-30 bag deal

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Details about Bio-Bean Coffee Logs-30 bag deal

Hotter burn
Long burn time
Manufactured in the UK
Made from recycled coffee grounds collected from UK businesses
Designed for wood burners and stoves
16 eco fire logs per pack
8kg bag
Burn time is approx. 1 hour per log
Natural aroma when burning
Fully recyclable packaging
Pack dimensions: 400mm x 300mm x 150mm
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Coffee Logs are the latest addition to the briquette family and we all agree here in the Logs Direct office  — these things are amazing!  In the Coffee Logs team’s words,

“Waste coffee grounds are an amazing material – they contain 20% more energy than wood, so Coffee Logs burn hotter than other solid fuels. That makes them a better value option for anyone who wants to heat their home – and because they reduce greenhouse gas emissions as well as the waste being discarded, Coffee Logs also help the environment too.”
They are designed for use in log burners and multi-fuel stoves, though can be used in some open fires too.

Upon opening the bag, you are presented with the lovely aroma of coffee. But you don’t have to worry about your house smelling like the local coffee hangout, as Coffee Logs don’t smell of coffee when they’re burning.

And Coffee Logs aren’t messy. Are you oftentimes reluctant to start the wood burner because of the sheer overhead and mess of wood logs? Coffee Logs are the answer. Each bag weighs around 8kg, and comes with a convenient handle. So mobility and handling are a breeze.

To add to all this, we have the feel-good factor of knowing that you’re using a product produced from 100% waste, and which saves on greenhouse gas emissions. All these coffee grounds would otherwise be wastefully discarded. Turning the grounds into Coffee Logs instead saves 130% on CO2e emissions! Wasting coffee grounds makes no sense – it’s bad for the environment and expensive for coffee shops.

Here is one review from one satisfied customer:

“I bought a bag each for my parents and in-laws for Christmas. Both have wood burners and I hoped it might open their minds to alternative energy. The logs light quickly so the barriers to using them are low and there is little to no ash at the end so it makes keeping the fireplace tidy an easier task. The product says it is more fuel efficient than logs. I’m no expert, but they burnt long and the heat that was pumping out certainly warmed our sitting room. Comparing that to wood that needs to season/be seasoned to burn well (storage/cost) and the obvious benefit of using spent coffee beans vs forests. Well, if I had a fire in London, the coffee logs would be a no brainer.”
Buy online for delivery within the UK.

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