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Below we have included some useful information which explains why chimney sweeping is so important


Regular sweeping is vital in preventing blockages and removing soot. This prevents fires and allows deadly gases such as Carbon Monoxide to be safely vented through the chimney. Added to this, clean chimneys burn more efficiently, which in turn will save you money, as well as helping to preserve the environment.


The Do’s and Don’ts to help you save money and preserve the environment.
Only burn smokeless fuel or properly seasoned wood with a moisture content below 20%. Wood should be burnt with as less moisture as possible, current thinking is that should be 20% or below, some countries only burn wood with a moisture content 16% or below.
Do not burn wood on an open fire in a smoke free zone. It is illegal to burn wood on open fires in smoke free zones. Local Authorities can prosecute households.
Do not burn fence posts, painted off cuts, or varnished wood, burning these materials will pollute the atmosphere. The chemicals in the wood when burnt will be inhaled and can lead to long term health issues.
Never burn House coal. House Coal emits pollutants and dark soot, which lead to smog.
Do not slumber your stove overnight, slumbering reduces the air feeding the fire, in turn this creates smoke as the fire struggles to breathe, it is perhaps the worst thing you can do to your stove.
Use a stove thermometer. Using a thermometer will allow you to burn at the right temperature, burning between these levels will be both cost and fuel efficient saving you money in the long term.
Never overload your stove with logs. Over loading will result in over burning. Over burning in an effort to gain more heat will only damage the baffle plate, which will require replacing at some point. It may even result in damaging the flue system.
Maintain your appliance, and flue.
Only use a properly qualified person to install your appliance. It is vitally important that you use a properly qualified installer. Always ask for a certificate of qualification, recommendations and before you part with any money ask for the data plate and a guarantee.


Please click on the logos below for further information about ICS Chimney Sweeping Association, fuels, and carbon monoxide safety.


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