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What is a stove service? 

Wood burning stoves have developed quite a following over the last decade. 

It is widely reported that there are now circa 3.5 million registered woodburners installed across the UK. 

Importantly, a wood stove, or woodburner is still a solid fuel appliance. 

Much like a traditional open fire or fireplace, routine maintenance remains a priority. 

The Stove Guys is the only online platform dedicated to providing services for the hearth industry. 

One of the services available is a stove service, so what does it include? 

Stove service | What’s included? 

As a general rule, our members should provide the following elements of work when carrying out a stove service at your property. 

  • General protection of the area where the service is to be carried out. 
  • Removal of all internal fire bricks, throat plate, and any other elements as may be required based upon your given appliance. 
  • Sweeping of the flue system or flexible liner, if installed. If no flue system or liner is present, a sweep of the masonry or class one chimney should be provided. 
  • Re-assembly of the appliance. 
  • Testing and commissioning. 
  • Repairs to fire cement around the flue pipe connections may also be included. 
  • Repairs to rope seals may also form part of the service. However, these can sometimes be at an additional cost. 
  • Check the Co alarm and ensure that it works. 

Further, a chimney professional who carries out stove services, should be able to offer any advice on further remedial work as may be required. 

Moreover, the process should be certified upon completion. 

Importantly, a reminder should then be sent to notify you when your next service is due. 

Stove Service | How Much? 

Stove services usually start from as little as £100.00 and go up to around £150.00. 

Importantly, you should find your nearest professional to carry out your stove service, this will help keep costs down. 

The Stove Guys can help you find and book chimney professionals near you. 

Stove service | an MOT for your woodburner. 

Much like a MOT for a car, a wood burning stove should be serviced each year, based upon frequency of use. 

A stove service is important to ensure that your appliance is safe and remains in good working order. 

Importantly, having your wood or multi fuel stove serviced will not only keep it in good working order, it may also help maintain efficiency. 

What is a Stove Service | Equipment needed? 

To carry out a stove service, a chimney sweep or stove engineer will need very specific tools. 

When dealing with ash and soot, it is important to have the correct equipment to ensure that the room is well protected in case there is a sudden fall of soot or debris. 

So, what equipment is needed for a stove service.

  • Sweeping rods and brushes, a range of types and sizes will be required to tackle blockages that may have occurred due to creosote build up. 
  • A high powered ash vacuum. Our preference would be the British made Soot Devil range, they are made specifically for the job. 
  • Dust sheets and a sot cloth, a soot cloth can seal the appliance and allow a sweep to clear the flue from the opening in the sheet. 
  • Where power sweeping, or rotary sweeping methods are used, a sweep will also need a power drill, often these are battery powered but some may opt for mains powered versions at slow speeds. 
  • A range of hand tools and brushes to clean hard to reach areas. Sometimes, a chimney pro may carry a small air compressor to clean out vent holes and really get into the racks that a vacuum cannot reach. 
  • Waste disposal or rubble sacks, taking away the waste generated is an important part of the process. 
  • Ladders or other access equipment. It may sometimes be necessary to access the chimney from above, a chimney professional may charge extra for this but they are likely to carry the equipment required to get up to a chimney if deemed safe to do so. 
  • Fire cements and sealants, plus applicator guns. Importantly, it may be necessary to apply new fire cement or sealant to an appliance after it has been cleaned. A stove service engineer or chimney sweep would carry appropriate sealant and cement for use in high temperature applications. 

Booking a stove service

Booking a stove service with The Stove Guys could not be easier. 

Simply log on to The Stove Guys, find your nearest sweep by allowing our platform to locate you, click to view their profile, find a slot that suits you, book and pay. The service provider will be notified and you will receive an e mail confirming your appointment. 

If a chimney professional is listed as unavailable on our platform, they may be away at the moment, or they may not have activated booking slots, you can give them a call directly instead or find a local alternative. 

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Booking a chimney sweep with The Stove Guys online is the best option for homeowners looking to maintain their chimneys safely and efficiently. The Stove Guys’ user-friendly online platform makes it incredibly easy to schedule an appointment, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience.


With their team of highly trained and experienced professionals, The Stove Guys guarantees top-notch service, ensuring your chimney is cleaned and inspected thoroughly.

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